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John Francis

John Francis

Does your business work with local businesses?

Have you stopped to consider the impact of how you and your business can assist local ownership and the local economy?

Do you or will you have employees in the future?

Do you keep up with labor/payroll laws, the Affordable Care Act, the IRS along with other HR issues?

Are you tired of the annual yearly fee increases from your payroll provider?
If you answered “yes” to any of these…call me.

My Name is John Francis and I help businesses minimize their Payroll, Time Keeping and HR costs through education of the industry. I provide Credit Card Services too.

With 15 years in sales and management, I realize that understanding the payroll industry and keeping up with the ever changing laws in Washington DC can be daunting.

You see, Heartland, is focused on delivering tailored solutions that meet the demands of business owners and corporations with a large range of products and services. No games, No gimmicks just straightforward…Full Disclosure Payroll-Time Keeping-HR solutions and much more.

So join the other Heartland HR/Payroll merchants and let’s put the proper solutions into action so you can achieve your business dreams!

Contact me today! 262-844-7995

I believe in the power of networking, that’s why I welcome your invitation to connect.

I look forward to working with you.