Kathy Miskov – Norwex Independent Leader

Would you like to spend less time cleaning, while saving money, protecting your health and the environment? Norwex is an international company that believes in radically reducing the use of chemicals in our homes.

Cleaning has never been easier and more effective. Norwex’s patented microfiber cloths, infused with micro-silver for self-cleaning purposes,  will clean 99% of bacteria off the surfaces in your home, using only WATER. Do you have problems with hard water stains? Do you hate to clean windows because you can’t get a streak-free finish? Does your stainless steel drive you nuts? Does your big screen TV seem to be a dust magnet? Norwex has solutions to all these problems and more!

Invite me into your home or office to share the amazing world of Norwex. Want a little? You can buy on my website. Want a LOT? Host a gathering. Want it ALL? Join my team! Your friends and family will thank you.

Kathy Miskov